Photo Editor: MIX

Whenever I get a free time, I just go around photography. I try different photo editors and camera apps which suits to my ideas. Till now I have gone through many photo editors in which, few found useful and some at okay range. Here is one of the photo editor app which is simple and good to beginners. Here is the review of the application MIX.

MIX is one of the best editor I have found till now, which runs in parallel to other top application. I have been using this app since few months without any trouble during editing process.


At the beginning you have got two options, one is editor and the other is filter plaza. Filter plaza allows you to download filters, which are created and shared by other users. Photo editor allows you to choose an Image file from your album/gallery for editing process. After choosing an image you will be asked to crop, and this is optional too.
This cropped image is moved to fast editor where there will be few inbuilt effects which can be applied directly on the image. This can also be said as emergency editor. An Aperture is also provided in emergency editor. Then comes a large town full of colour splash, I mean to say lots and lots of effects in the panel.


We have got Filters, Aperture and Texture for good editing. We can also adjust basic nature like brightness, saturation, skin, tone, contrast, temperature and many more.

CONCLUSION: one of the best editor for beginners. Sky editor and other filters gives your pic a good shape.

RATING: ****/5


Best camera app for android

    Amateur photography is a huge deal these days. Many people take photos with their android camera. These inbuilt camera apps are pretty well. However people expect something different from normal android camera app.

    If you really want to take better photos from your android, just check this out which I have tested and found something better than other applications.

    Well, the camera app I wanna tell you is POWERCAM from wondershare. One of the best camera app tested till now. Its features, quality and filters bring you a new way in your photography. I tried few snaps with my 5mp rear camera and found that it is quite different from other camera apps. 

Features: Capture and edit, collage, photo editor, multi grids, fix shot, 100+ filters and lots more.
FiltersLomo, Black and White, city, art, special filters, enhance, beauty, retro and classic. All these filters have 5+ sub filters.

    One of the filters I loved was using Aegean in lomo. All these filters can be used during capture the image of can be edited later.
100+ filters are high enough to get your photo a good touch. Blur, crop, rotate and colour splash are few more features added in the app.

Auto and touch focus works well. Filters work great. Powercam enhances the quality of the camera.

    Conclusion: works good with 5 and more than 5mp camera. Can be used by the people who expect something different from a camera app.
Rating: ****/5