An interview on windows phone

Whenever we start taking about android and windows, there takes place a small fun fight in our gang. Most of us are android users remaining few are for windows. Same arguing was going on around at evening.
Being the author of inscient24 i went to one of my friend as a interviewer on the topic of windows phone. He’s Mr Karthik, pursuing electrical and electronics engineering is currently using one of the windows smartphone by Nokia Lumia 525 since one and half years. My questions were slight direct as it was about pros and cons of windows phone.
Here are few positive and negative feedback from the windows user(Nokia Lumia 525 only):


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1.His first good response was about the size of apps which is less compared to android.
2.Windows phones have high operating speed, and what we call as ‘hanging of set’ is not seen in these phones.
3.We can work with Microsoft Office through windows smartphones.
4.Virus attack is blocked. That is, you no need to scan for virus every time when downloading external contents.
5.High security on apps. When connected to computer, the phone doesn’t show any app data in the window.
6.Offline map (GPS) tracking is available.
7.Camera is too good compared to android smartphones.
8.Body design and quality is one of the top features.

1.Application sharing is not provided in windows.
2.Hotspot  cannot be activated without internet/data is ON.
3.Hotspot cannot be activated without Password. High password protection is available on sharing data.
4.Windows Smartphone price is high compared to android.
5.Developers are not interested, that is, developers are too slow since the windows smartphone users are less when compared to android.
6.Many popular apps(he was about VPN shield) and games are under paid list.

These are the comments given by Mr Karthik based on his usage of his windows phone. Features may vary from phone to phone. If you have any doubts or comments, write it in the below given comment field.