Over the course of my life I’ve embraced a number of hobbies like painting, drawing, singing and much more. But what I felt was there’s a different feeling to have a hobby like blogging. Whenever people ask me about my hobbies my first word will be blog, blogging. Many of my friends have asked me, what do you get from blogging? My reply will be satisfaction, that’s it. I am proud that I have become a writer, where the whole world read what I write. Yes! The whole world!

At first, what is a blog?
A blog is nothing but a website where the entries typically appear in reverse chronological [in order of time from earliest to latest] order. A blog allows the user to share their opinions and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal. To start with a blog, there are many free platforms available online like WordPress, Blogger, tumblr, LinkedIn, Square space and the list goes on. You need to Sign-Up for a new account by providing your details later you need to give a Title to your blog and add a good theme, that’s it. You are ready with your blog.


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So today let’s discuss why you should start a blog. What are the benefits of blogging?

1. You’ll become a good writer: Yes, as we know that practice makes man perfect writing again and again helps us to improve our writing skills. Blogging will not force you to write, but if you have a commitment to make your blog successful, you will surely write at least once a day. Your writing skill may help you to write a book or a presentation in future.                                                     

2. It helps you to learn new things: blogging is about sharing what you know. You need to learn something before sharing. Therefore blogging helps you to learn new things and you’ll come to know about your area of interest.

3. It helps to interact with people: let’s assume that you want to start a new facebook page. But the thing is you don’t know how to start with it. So what you do is Google it out and you’ll open up a blog link which helps you with starting a facebook page. You will leave some comments and questions. A new friend! You have never met that person before that took special interest in your questions and helped you to solve your problem. Whether it is through comments, e-mails or social media, you’ll meet people online. Therefore blogging community is a friendly and encouraging media.

4. You can make some money:  blogs are free to audience and open to the public. It is a selfless act of service which turns into a piece of writing. You don’t need money to start a blog, but, you can make money by blogging. A good hobby that pays you back. Blogging makes money through the advertisement in your blog.

5. You’ll become a great thinker: Blogging is nothing but to share ideas and opinions to the world. If you start writing on a specific topic, you need to think about that topic deeply. Therefore increasing your thinking capacity on a topic. Writing on different subjects will surely help you to think about that.

You don’t need a blog to earn huge amount of money or to have a huge following. You need a blog to change your life style. Above I have discussed with five top benefits which changes your life. Follow it, and lead a wonderful life.



    Blogs are great way to share your thoughts and ideas with internet community. Many bloggers are earning million through advertisement published on their blogs. Blogging base is writing skill. If you are good at writing then you can start your own blog. WordPress is one of the most popular blog services around and setting up blog takes only few minutes. Below are the steps to learn how to set up your own blog through WordPress.


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Visit WordPress website:
Open up your browser and visit website. Sign up for a new account by providing your details. Open your activation email to verify your account by clicking ‘Activate Blog ’. After signing up you will be asked with two options. One is to create a website and the other is creating a blog. Choose your platform and click on the respected option. You are asked to choose a theme. There are thousands and thousands of themes available in WordPress. Choosing or changing themes can be done later too. Some themes are ‘Premium’ and need to be purchased.

After completion of choosing your theme you are on the way to enter your domain name. WordPress offers free domain name for example- [Can choose the other which starts at $18/ year].
Then you are asked to choose a plan. There is a free plan which offers free blog with lifelong validity with 3GB storage space.  Rest are premium and business plans which cost $99/ year and $299/ year respectively.

You are now set to make your first blog post. Head to ‘posts’ and click ‘add new’. Give your post a title and start writing. You can add images, links, videos and lots more to your post. You can also add pages to you blog by clicking ‘add page’ under ‘page’. Pages are the great way to categorize the different content that are feature in your blog. For example ‘Contact Us’ page to help your viewers get in touch with you.

Promote your blog by commenting on others blog posts and interact with them. You can also use social media like Facebook to promote your blog.