You might have experienced bad or no video playback on your smart phone or any other phones. This may be due to the format of the video that troubles the user. Formats can be like 3gp, mp4, avi, mkv etc. To overcome these problems you have to use certain video format converters. So, today I am going with one of the best 3gp to mp4 converter that is, ABC 3GP CONVERTER for windows os.


         Image source: softonic

ABC is one of the best converter which converts 3gp to high format MP4 or MP4 to low quality 3gp. Certain devices use certain formats. Some play only 3gp format videos and these are not smart phones. Mp4 was designed to be played on various platforms, such as computers, television, DVD players etc. Whereas, 3gp for phones.
Coming to ABC Converter, it is designed such that the user feels easy to convert the files. And this User friendly platform is the best part of this software. You need to select a file which is to be converted. Settings of output-format are provided at the right hand side, where you can change output format and audio settings. Then you need to choose the destination folder, that is, where the output converted file should be stored. Converting process is quite slow, especially the large movie files.





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