Speeding Up Your PC

Is your windows 8 pc running too slow? If you are looking to improve your pc, help is on the way. I have listed top 4 tips which i have found amazing. You need to follow these steps completely in order to improve your pc.
Here are the tips to improve your personal computer:

This is the first thing which you have to do in order to boost your pc. Refreshing your pc helps user to restore windows8 PC to earlier state without destroying your personal data if you’re facing trouble with your PC, you can try to refresh it.

a. Move your mouse to right corner and click ‘Settings’.
b. Click on ‘Change PC Settings’.
c. In pc setting click on ‘General’.
Scroll down in general settings until you find ‘Refresh your pc without affecting your files’.
d. Click on ‘Get Started’.
e. Click ‘Next’.
f. Click ‘Refresh’.

Once you start to refresh your  pc, it completes on its own. (Note: plug-in charge )
After completion of refreshing your pc, you can find removed application list in Desktop.

Temporary file is a file created to hold information temporary, while a file is being created. They are used to help recover lost data if the program is abnormally moved. After program has been closed temporary files should be deleted.

a. Click on search and type RUN in the search field and click enter.
b. A small window opens in the left bottom corner.
c. In the text field type- %temp%
d. Click Ok.
e. List of temporary file opens.
Click Ctrl+A to select all files and hit Delete.
f. Clear the data in recycle bin.

If you don’t have a paid antivirus, windows has provided a inbuilt antivirus called Windows Defender. Open up your windows defender app. Under Scan Your PC,  click on Full Scan. This performs a complete scan throughout your pc for virus which may damage and slow down your pc. Affected files which should be removed  is shown in a separate window.

This is one of the power option given in your pc.
Click on search and type LID.
This opens power option window.
Under   When I close the Lid  > On battery> set to ‘HIBERNATE’.
Under Plugged in > HIBERNATE.

NOTE: When you keep your pc to HIBERNATE, you need to close the Lid of your pc instead of Shutting it Down.

These are the four basic and best tips which I have tested and found it amazing. And, one more thing, try restarting your PC for at least once a week for better performance.


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